Eric Westerlind's Visual Portfolio


b. 1986, HK.


CLIENTS & Colleagues :

Alex Vanston
Alyssa Marie Bozekowski
Arris Property Services
Chad Moellenberg
Christine Bombard
Jessica Saba
Joseph Spece
Kelly Minor, PhD
Linda Ryan
Linzy Witherspoon
Long Skies Photography
Matthew Legrice
Matthew Robert Lang
Proper Grounds
Stephanie Adams-Santos
Wildflower Family Wellness
William Vernon Mitchell



Eric Westerlind is a designer, writer, & editor living in Seattle, WA, US of America. He lives alongside a darling creature he calls the Sea Wolf.

He is a brother to one, a son to three, a grandson still to four. He cares for plants, mostly. 

He's very lucky.

He is eager always for quality above everything, though he consents to the fact that a thing must be done before it can be made better.

He has pen-names: Dr. John 'Jug' Terrance, Alphen P. Graygs, Hugh Bongo-Shaftsbury*, & one he'll never tell. He's writing a book called Ugo, and one after that called Detective Argentine & the Five Fighting Iron Casters.

He can be contacted at, and welcomes you to do so. 
He's also on Ello, that lovely place, here. Just to be a little social.

*Drawn from a Thomas Pynchon short story titled Under the Rose.